Packed AdBlue® – Product Range

CleanAirBlue® 10 and 20 litre can AdBlue®

To ensure that operators do not run out of AdBlue® on the road, our 10 and 20 litre packs are the ideal emergency solution.

The 10 and 20 litre facilitate a truck driving 600km and 1200km respectively.

The can, spout and lid are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, ergonomically designed and come with an integrated spout to enable spill-free filling. The cans are designed to be stackable.

Part Number : 4303C (10) 4303K20 (20)

Shelf Life : Minimum 12 months

Storage :  Cool Dry Conditions

Volume : 10 and 20 litres

Filled Weight : 11.5kg for 10 litre  / 22.5kg for 20 litre

Distribution : 90 x 10 litres to a pallet  / 40 x 20 litres to a pallet Non-returnable


CleanAirBlue® 210 litre drums AdBlue®

This system is a handy 210 AdBlue® drum ideal for small fleets.

A 210 litre drum facilitates a truck driving approximately 12,500 kilometres.

Quality manual hand pumps are also available to enable spill-free lling.

Part Number : 4303N

Shelf Life : Minimum 12 months

Storage :  Cool Dry Conditons

Volume : 210 litres

Filled Weight : 238kg

Distribution : 4 x 210 litres to a pallet Non-returnable


CleanAirBlue® 1,000 litre drums IBC AdBlue®

1,000 litre IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) are the ideal system for small to medium fleets using approximately 25,000 litres of AdBlue® per annum.

The IBC is a closed system with a robust Steel chassis and offers both top CDS and bottom gravity dispensing of AdBlue®.

High-quality dispensing systems are available with a choice of 12, 24 and 240v electric pump sets, manual hand pumps or gravity hose kits.

Part Number : Dual Dispense 4303ID

Shelf Life : Minimum 12 months

Storage : Cool Dry Conditions

Volume : 1,000 litres

Filled Weight : 1,146kg

Distribution : 1,000 litres IBC
Returnable (subject to condition)

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