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On highway

AdBlue® for On Highway Commercial Vehicles

Most Commercial vehicles equipped with SCR technology and within the standards Euro IV, V or Euro VI, require AdBlue®.

Typically these are vehicles such as Trucks, Buses, Coaches, Waste collection vehicles, Fire Engines, Ambulances, Vans, etc

In 2008 Banner Chemicals Group started producing AdBlue® and we now have a large portfolio of Customers who rely on CleanAirBlue® AdBlue®, to provide them with quality AdBlue® together with innovative dispensing equipment and service that is second to none.

Where can I buy CleanAirBlue™ AdBlue® in the UK & Ireland?

CleanAirBlue® AdBlue® is available either directly from the Banner Chemicals Group or from one of our many authorised distributors in the UK & Ireland.
You will also find in Truck Stops, Service Stations and Retail sites.

Whatever your requirements, we can supply you with the ideal package to suit your business.

From 5 and 10 litre emergency cans to bulk delivery by our dedicated tanker fleet straight into your AdBlue® tank.

Contact the CleanAirBlue® team and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements and help you make the right choice according to your needs.

We offer AdBlue® in:

  • 5 litre Cans c/w integrated spout
  • 10 litre Cans c/w integrated spout
  • 20 litre Cans c/w integrated spout
  • 210 litre Drums
  • 1000 litre dual dispense IBC’s
  • Bulk by dedicated metered tanker

We also offer bespoke equipment and storage tanks.