On highway

AdBlue® for On Highway Commercial Vehicles

Most Commercial vehicles equipped with SCR technology and within the standards Euro IV, V or Euro VI, require AdBlue®.

Typically these are vehicles such as Trucks, Buses, Coaches, Waste collection vehicles, Fire Engines, Ambulances, Vans, etc

In 2008 Banner Chemicals Group started producing AdBlue® and we now have a large portfolio of Customers who rely on CleanAirBlue® AdBlue®, to provide them with quality AdBlue® together with innovative dispensing equipment and service that is second to none.

Where can I buy CleanAirBlue™ AdBlue® in the UK & Ireland?

CleanAirBlue® AdBlue® is available either directly from the Banner Chemicals Group or from one of our many authorised distributors in the UK & Ireland.
You will also find in Truck Stops, Service Stations and Retail sites.

Whatever your requirements, we can supply you with the ideal package to suit your business.

From 10 litre emergency cans to bulk delivery by our dedicated tanker fleet straight into your AdBlue® tank.

Contact the CleanAirBlue® team and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements and help you make the right choice according to your needs.

We offer AdBlue® in:

  • 10 litre Cans c/w integrated spout
  • 20 litre Cans c/w integrated spout
  • 210 litre Drums
  • 1000 litre dual dispense IBC’s
  • Bulk by dedicated metered tanker

We also offer bespoke equipment and storage tanks.

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