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AdBlue® Tanks and Telemetry

Kingspan BlueMaster® Advanced Specification Sheet

The Kingspan BlueMaster range offers a robust and convenient on site storage solution. The range has been specifically designed for the secure storage, dispensing, management and protection of AdBlue®.

All BlueMaster tanks are double skinned for environmental protection and to safeguard against contamination Kingspan BlueMaster tanks ensure your AdBlue® remains pure for its lifetime in the tank protecting your assets and the environment. This is accomplished in three ways:

Closed Fluid Path
Manufacturers of AdBlue® agree that the closed controlled systems, like those found in Kingspan BlueMaster tanks, rigorously maintain AdBlue® purity.

Manufacturing and Material Compliance
All BlueMaster tanks conform to the highest manufacturing and material compliance standards (ISO 22241, BS EN ISO 9001:2015) to deal with the chemical characteristics of AdBlue®.

Expertise & Knowledge
Kingspan has over 40 years’ expert experience in the engineering and manufacturing of liquid storage solutions. Over the past 10 years we have worked with AdBlue® producers to create one of the safest and most environmentally responsible storage solutions available.

Kingspan BlueMaster® Advanced Tank Range

The BlueMaster Advanced Tank comes with a number of specification options and the intelligent Kingspan TMS supplied as standard to suit all agricultural, construction, mining and transportation requirements.


Quality product and quality service ensure absolute peace of mind. With Kingspan your AdBlue® purity and your vehicles are protected.

Return on Investment

Onsite bulk storage means you, as an AdBlue® user, benefit from better logistical planning and fleet owners can purchase larger volumes – saving everyone time and money.


Exceptional customer service is our top priority which is why we offer full technical and after-sales support, a trustworthy guarantee.

Kingspan Sensor Tank
Monitoring System (TMS)

Key Features:
• Power supply for system
• LCD display
• Pump on/off control via
nozzle holder switch
• Housing light control
• Overfill alarm
• 100 impulse/litre output
• Flow measurement
• Contents measurement
– via Ultrasonic Sensor
• Nozzle position indication
• Leak detection
• 4-20 mA output


Sonic signalman retro fitted telemetry units ensure you will never run out of AdBlue® and are quick and easy to install.

They offer peace of mind and remove the need for you to worry about checking tank levels and placing orders – WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU!

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