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2M Group of Companies includes 2M Equest, 2M Manufacturing, 2M Services (MP Storage and Blending, SampleRite UK, SampleRite China), Banner Chemicals Group (2M Water Treatment, 2M CASE-PL, Stowlin), CE-O2 Trockeneis, Surfachem Group (2M Laurichem USA, Bregaglio Italy, Chemir Spain, Ingretech France, Surfachem Germany, Surfachem Nordics, Surfachem Poland, Surfachem UK).

2M Group of Companies offer a wide range of products for a wide range of business sectors including CASEPL, CleanAirBlue™, Pigmentan™, Precision Cleaning Solutions, Surfac®, Perklone™ EXT, Perklone™ D, Perklone™ MD, Triklone™ LE, Triklone™ N and Triklone™ U.

About CleanAirBlue®

CleanAirBlue® is manufactured and distributed by the Banner Group, a British company established in 1860, and today one of the UK’s most respected names in chemical distribution.

We offer the expertise of UK-based manufacturing and provide a first class product with the very best customer service.

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